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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Smart Mail Profits ?

Smart Mail Profits combines the 3 things all marketers need in one place: Solo Ad Mailings, Targeted Traffic, and affiliate commissions.

How Much Does it Cost To Join SMP?

There are 4 membership levels. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each one gives you access to the mailer and traffic but as you go higher, you get more traffic and much larger
mailers to mail to.

Can I join Free?

Many of our sites have a join free option but SmartMailProfits is an all paid membership site so that when you mail, you can check a box that lets you add all paid members. This is the best kind of mailer you can join. These are people who are not afraid to take a quid out their pocket to build their businesses.

We have many sites that you can join f-ree. Check them out

What Is A Feature Ad?

A Feature Ad is an link ad that shows at the top of all
other ads on the main sales pages and on affiliate pages.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the smartmailprofits site, you will see the feature ads displaying with a subject line that clicks through to your link.

What are SMP link ads?

SMP link ads are come with your membership level at SmartMailProfits.

They are lifetime ads that rotate on the front page SMP and
are come free to with all memberhip levels at SMP

What Is The Best Kind Of Traffic To Buy?

You always want to get your hands on Targeted Traffic.
Each membership level at SMP offers Targeted Traffic so we highly recommend that you choose one of the packages
that suits your budget. You pay once and get traffic forever

Do You Have an Affiliate Program

Yes Everyone who purchases a membership package at SMP
will get an affiliate link. Commissions range from 10% to 25% depending on the level you choose.

What Payment Processors Do You Accept?

We accept payment from all the major credit cards.

What Payment Processors Do You Use To Pay Commissions?

We can pay you by online check, regular check, Wise, Zelle, Payoneer, Cash app. If you need another way to get paid, please contact us through the support desk and we will try to accomodate you.

Who Sets Up The Targeted Traffic for SMP?

Owners Jane Mark and Phil Basten manually and carefully set up your traffic for you. They check each link and make sure you have targeted it to the right category and that your link is working properly on all the networks.

Who Owns Never Smart Mail Profits?

Jane Mark and Phil Basten Own SMP. They have been building lists and developing traffic sites for the past 22 years online. They have developed dozens and dozens of places for online businesses to promote. You can visit their main site at

And you read all about Jane and Phil here.

Does The Traffic Come Directly To My Site?

Yes we send targeted traffic directly to the websites or capture page that you provide to us. There are no intervening ads just traffic that flows directly to your websites every day all day long.

What Happens If I Need To Change My Links

You can change your SMP link-ads and your feature ads any time you like in the members area. You just log in and go to manage SMP link ads or manange feature ads andyou can edit your links any time you like,

Your main website campaigns that are set up for you by us cannot be changed except under certain circumstances.

If one of the sites you are promoting in your SMP main campaign ads goes out of business, you just let us know and give us a new link and we will change that for you no charge.

If you really need to change a link that is still in business but you no longer want to promote that site, there is a 49.00 link change fee. Your Net Pack ads are set up manually across many networks and on high traffic pages. It take a great deal of time and skill to set these up so that is the reason for the link change fee.

If you want to add additional campaigns to your SMP acccount, you can purchase them for 100.00 in the members area. Remember these are lifetime ads so choose your links wisely.

Once I Order When Will My Traffic Start To Come In?

Your Traffic will start within 24 to 48 hours after we receive your order. You will get a notice from us that your traffic has started.

How Can You Offer Lifetime Traffic at a low One Time Price?

Our prices are onetime payments. There are no monthlies at all.

We are able to provide this service for our clients as the traffic comes directly from a network of sites that we own . These sites get millions of visitors every month.

We know that our clients need to automate some of their business and SMP Does that. It should, however, be coupled with other kinds of promotion like email marketing and that
is why we combined Traffic with Solo ads add commissions and...

At SMP-You have a match made in heaven.

How Much Traffic Should I Expect To Get?

The amount of Traffic you get will vary depending on the Net Pack level that you buy.

You can reasonally expect to get between 500 views daily on the low side up 1000 views on the high side daily.

We send visitors directly to a large graphic of your site so numbers will vary depending on the category you target, the quality of your website or capture page and the product you are selling.

These numbers area not a guarantee of the number but just a general estimate of the traffic you can expect.

How does the SMP Mailer Work?

The mailer for bronze and silver members works like a regular mailer. You pop your ad in, save it and out it goes.

For Gold and Platinum members that can reach the paid membership of SMP, you will see a box under the mailer that
you can check to add the paid members in.

Gold members can reach 25 paid members and Platinum members can reach all the paid members and as the site grows that can be a large all paid list.

Can I get paid Commissions On My Own Affiliate link?

If I purchase through my own affiliate link will I get paid
a commission? The answer is no. We pay commissions on
third party sales only. If you would like to earn commissions, please promote the site. We pay commissions after the payment is aged 30 days and we pay at the end of the month.

What Are The Commission Percents That You Pay?

Commissions vary depending on the package that you buy

Bronze members get paid 10%
Silver members get paid 15th %
Gold members get paid 20%
Platinum members get paid 25%

Can I put a rotator link in my campaigns

No you cannot use rotator links. Rotator links are against our Terms of Service. We send traffic to 1 website only.

How is the traffic delivered?

We enter your website URL into our networks, take a screen capture image of your website, and post that image to a carousel on 10 of our most popular sites. When a visitor or user clicks on your image we take them to a credits page where we keep them on your page for 10 seconds. We record this as a click. What they do when they get to this page is up to them. We cannot force them to join, signup, or buy your product. Our job is to place your website in front of them and get them wide spread exposure.

Do you offer refunds?

We have a 3 day refund period but Once your traffic has started or once you use the mailer, there are no refunds available.

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